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Manouchehr Farhangi,the Man who joined the History of Iran

 From Dr. Khosro Khazai ( Pardis)
The Man who joined the History of Iran
Manouchehr Farhangi one of the greatest Iranian Zoroastrian philanthropists and benefactors was cowardly killed by the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his home in the suburb of Madrid in Spain.

This horrible crime that had been plotted for a long time, happened on Wednesday, the 20th of March 2008, on the wake of the Persian Zoroastrian New Year “ Nororuz”, when a woman at 12.30 PM. pushed the ring of his villa in Moraleja in the outskirt of Madrid. When Manouchehr Farhangi opened the door, the woman without a word pushed three times her long knife in Mr. Farhangi’s stomach and run away.
Six hours later, Manouchehr Farhangi, despite the efforts of his doctors, died in the hospital. He was 82 years old.
This crime opens a new chapter in the very long list of Islamic Republic assassinations of its opponents in Europe. If up until now, the Islamic Republic used to kill thinkers, writers, religious minorities or political activists, this time it aimed at a very popular philanthropist and benefactor.

Who was Manouchehr Farhangi?
Mr. Farhangi was born into a Zoroastrian family in 1926 in the ancient Iranian city of Kerman.
He became a very successful entrepreneur and businessman in Iran before the Islamic revolution in 1979.
In the early seventies he created near Caspian coast in Bandar Pahlavi, a famous coastal village vacation complex named Dehkadeh Saheli. By the time of the Islamic revolution the project had over 350 villas and 70 apartments built and sold, with another 70 villas under construction. Alongside the same business he and his two brothers opened up a pharmaceutical company, which ultimately became one of the largest drug manufacturers in Iran.

When the Islamic revolution succeeded to take over Iran, they demanded a halt to the sale and construction of the project, under the pretext that men and women swim together in the Caspian Sea!
He was summoned to the Islamic courts on several occasions and was the subjected of harassment, verbal and physical abuse. He finally decided to take a short trip to London, where he was notified by his staff that the revolutionary thugs had taken over his corporate offices and looted his house, burning it down along with his possession and his priceless private library. Upon hearing the news he returned to Iran to proclaim and protect the leftover of what was rightfully his. Shortly thereafter all of his companies and remaining possessions were confiscated this time.
Mr. Farhangi, leaving Iran returned to Europe and settled down in Spain. In the beginning of the eighties he founded the “International School of Spain”, in the suburb of Madrid in Moraleja. Very soon this school became the most prestigious private school in Spain where today over 600 elite students, of about 50 nationalities study. After his retirement a few years ago, the school was taken over by his son Ramin Farhangi.

Why Manouchehr Farhangi was killed?

Who could kill this 82 years old man who was, with no exaggeration at all, one of the kindest, the righteous and the most generous man on this earth? The man who used to buy the cheapest cloths or shoes for himself but to give all his wealth to help cultural associations, mass-media, writers, students in need of funds to pursue their studies, organisers of congresses and lectures...

If we want to know who killed Mr. Farhangi and consequently why he was killed, we should go back to the beginning of the nineties when the Iranians, particularly the youth, in reaction to Islamic brutalities and repression in Iran, started to return, first slowly and then in an accelerated way, to the Zarathustra’s existential philosophy that had been for 1200 years the existential doctrine of Persia. The aim of life in Zoroastrian philosophy is happiness. It is to build a society based on righteousness where the human beings as well as animals and plants can lead a happy and enjoy full existence. In this philosophy, men and women are equal, and the freedom of thought and choice are basic. Exactly all that Islamic Republic hate to hear. As from the year 2000, hundreds of thousand of young people were initiated into Zoroastrianism. This year the progression of Zoroastrianism among other religions in the world, in term of percentage, was the first (see.The Encyclopaedia of Christian World, 2001-2002, 2ed).

This frightened the Mollahs in Iran.
They started to warn each other “ pay attention, Zoroastrianism has become our number one enemy !”, “ pay attention, Moslem youth are turning to Zoroastrianism by thousands !”, “ we should stop it !”.
These kinds of words have become daily. Some of these warnings can even be seen, in form of video, on “You Tube” on the net.
Mr. Farhangi as a born Zoroastrian, was precisely very generous to the cultural centres, radios, newspapers and authors who were active on this field, promoting the Zoroastrianism. He was helping them without counting. He was profoundly a humanist, and wanted to see a truly humanistic philosophy being established in Iran. This angered, and made nervous the Islamist regime.

The past experience had proved that the regime could kill and eliminate in impunity anyone of its opponent in Europe it wanted (contrary to the United States). Many Iranian opponents had already been killed in France, in the UK., in Germany, in Greece, in Italy and in Spain. Except in a few cases, almost none of the killers up to now has been arrested. This time was the turn of Mr. Farhangi, this great philanthropist. He will be remembered for ever in the heart and mind of the Iranians as a hero who gave his life for Iran.

Dr. Khosro Khazai ( Pardis)
25th March 2008

Maouchehr Farhangi The Zoroastrian who joined the History of Iran


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