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About the Gathas translations

Unfortunately, in the world, there are no two translators who translate the Gathas in the same way. Every one has his own translation of the Gathas sometimes deforming completely the Zarathustra’s message. Watch for instance, the translations of the same Yasna, the Yasna 28.11 by different translators.

Some of them don’t hesitate to use the Christian titles such as “Lord” for Ahura Mazda that is a betrayal of the whole Zoroastrian philosophy.

YASNA 28.11 Translations

Unto me who will for ever guard with these the Law Divine and the Good mind do thou teach, O Omniscient Lord with Thy Word spiritual, by means of Thy Mouth these by which Existence first came into being.

Through those prayers may I enjoy the gifts of Asha and Vohuman. Do Thou, O Mazda Ahura, instruct me Thyself through Thy spirit and knowledge whence did the creation came into being first, so that I may proclaim it to the world.

I would thereby preserve Right and Good Thought for evermore, that I may instruct, do Thou teach me, O Mazdah Ahura from Thy spirit by Thy mouth how it will be with the First Life.

O Lord of Life and Wisdom, I will for ever uphold Thy Divine Law and Thy Good Mind. Teach me Thyself, through Thy spoken Word which springs from the Spirit and with Thy very own Mouth, whence life first came into being.

Thou who guardest truth and good purpose eternally, by these, Lord Mazda, teach me through the eloquence of Thy Spirit, from Thy mouth, those things through which the foremost existence shall here come to be.

Teach me, O Ahura Mazda, from your own words as to how, I would for ever protect Conscience and rectitude. let me come over from the Phenomenon to you Noumenon, as it was at the beginning of life.

Truly these power of Asha and the power of selfless Good Mind will protect us for ever. O Mazda Ahura, You teach us from Your own mouth all that is taking place, to those who are deserving as to how this Creation started from the first.

Thou who dost guard truth and good thinking for eternity in accord with the following things, do Thou, Wise Lord, instruct me (in these very things) through the eloquence befitting Thy spirit and with Thine own mouth, the things by means of which the foremost existence shall come about here.

I have always observed the principles of righteousness and good mind. Wise God, teach me to speak the thoughts of Your mind, and the words of Your mouth; the teachings through which the pristine life shall be established.

With the assistance of these mathras I shall observe till the end of my life the righteous and pure thoughts. To declare amongst the people, O Ahura Mazda, from Your Divine Throne, teach me through your own mouth, how this world was first created.

Only in this way I would guard righteousness and pure mind upto the end; Oh Mazda hura. You Yourselves instruct me properly in order to proclaim from You through the mouth of Your ever associated Spenta Mainyû, through what processes Life came into existence in the

Who by these great gifts of grace will protect Divine Righteousness and Good Mind for ever. And do Thou therefore,O Ahura Mazda teach me from Thyself, yea, from Thine own mouth of spirit, that I may declare it forth to these Thy waiting people by what powers the primeval world arose.

If in consideration of this, I protect sanctity and the Highest Mind, for the continued advance, do Thou, O Great Wise One the Lord, reveal this to me in speech. O invisible One, from Thyself with mouth make manifest what first arose within the world.

By means of these doctrines, whereby was the human existence at the outset, I shall for ever maintain Holiness and Good Mind. O Mazda Ahura with a view to declare on behalf of Thy Spirit, teach me Thou through Thy mouth.

So do Thou teach unto me, O Ahura Mazda, through Thy message the declaration of Thine Own Divine Spirit, these teachings, as to whence existence was first and foremost brought about, that I may hold sacred within me Thy Divine Law for all time.

So through these prayers, may I hold to myself, righteousness and good mind for ever more; O Ahura Mazda, you instruct me yourself through your spirit and through your mouth when the creation first came into being.

I keep for ever purity and good mindedness. Teach Thou me, Mazda Ahura, from out Thyself, from heaven through Thy mouth whereby the world first arose.

So through these prayers may I hold on myself Asha and Vohu Mano for evermore; do Thou, O Mazda and Ahura instruct me Thyself to proclaim through Thy Spirit, as though Thine own Mouth, whence the Creation first came into being.

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